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Overcoming Social Phobia

Written By: admin - Aug• 31•12

According to medical professionals, the best strategies for overcoming social phobia include varied treatments. These treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive group behavioral therapy and medication.

A doctor, specifically a psychologist or psychiatrist will determine which strategy is best suited to each individual patient in order to help the patient overcome their type of social phobia. This is done by assessing the severity of the symptoms that the patient is experiencing, the level of affect that social phobia is having on the patient and the ability of the patient to recover from their disorder.

Cognitive behavioral treatment or CBT is one of the first treatments that will be tried to resolve social phobia. It is a form of psychotherapy that has been in use for varied mental illnesses and disorders for many years. It works by analyzing the roots of all the emotions experienced by someone with social phobia.

The first step in cognitive behavioral treatment for social phobia strategies is to determine the negative thoughts that are causing the patient’s anxiousness. These are then put into different categories and help the therapist to teach the patient ways of controlling these thoughts, correcting the patient’s perceptions which result in these thoughts and then help them to restructure their thought patterns to avoid these unreasonable thoughts.

The strategies for treating social phobia with CBT involve varied methods such as attribution, teaching the patient the difference between irrational and rational thoughts, and helping the patient to overcome any past experiences that may have contributed to their irrational thoughts. In the case of children, psychiatrists can get to the root cause or trauma that may have resulted in their social phobia. They can help them to understand the event and learn to deal with what happened and cope with moving forward in life with a new positive approach and attitude versus forgetting what happened, which in itself is merely avoidance of the memories of those events.

Another strategy that medical practitioners find useful is cognitive group behavioral therapy. It is similar to CBT in its strategy for dealing with social phobia, but in a group setting with other people who are suffering the same disorder and one or more group therapists. The aim of this strategy is to not only overcome the negative thought processes attributed to social phobia, but allow the patients to realize that they are not alone in what they suffer and have support from people who understand what it really feels like.

There are other important strategies for overcoming social phobia that group therapy undertakes. These include:

• Group discussions of each individuals symptoms, perceptions, experiences and traumas

• The use of the group to show their support for individual social phobia attacks by encouraging the changes in thought patterns and perceptions.

•The use of the group on outings to overcome social phobia attacks with people that each member feels can be trusted to not judge them or ridicule them. The group helps each member to avoid perceived embarrassment and the need to become isolated.

• The group outings help individual sufferers realize that social interaction with new people does not have to be fearful or even judgmental or embarrassing.

• The use of the group in varied situations in helping each individual social phobia sufferer to no longer having the need to put on appearances in how they look, behave, talk or in regards to their abilities to lessen the likelihood of misinterpreted judgments by others.

• The use of the group in varied situations to support individual sufferers in learning that they no longer need to feel embarrassment or guilt in social situations.

• Group discussions to help each individual sufferer in overcoming anger resulting from previous situations or traumas.

• Group discussions to assist each individual sufferer in overcoming the need to please everyone, be a perfectionist, procrastinate, avoid social interactions and in becoming a realistic individual with self-confidence and self-esteem.

• Group discussions to assist each individual sufferer in dealing with times when social interaction does result in judgment or embarrassment by others.

These strategies for overcoming social phobia have proven to be very useful in helping patients deal with their affliction. Studies have shown that both forms of cognitive behavioral therapies do succeed and allow each patient to move forward and enjoy normal, productive, socially interactive and happy lives. Of course, there are a few cases were the affects of the anxiety are so deep rooted that the individual needs to combine these therapies with medication. However, if you do sufferer social phobia, getting guidance from your doctor is the best first step to curing your suffering.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can one become a psychologist after overcoming social phobia?
    Just curious. I've read that people who have had social phobia are predisposed to having there anxious symptoms arise once again later in life.

    • ANSWER:
      Social anxiety disorders do tend to be lifelong problems (a family member has one), but they can be re-addressed any time they become a problem again.

      I see no reason you would not want to practice psychology due to a social phobia. You might even have particularly keen insight into certain kinds of problems.

    What is the best book in the market that provides good advice about overcoming social phobia/anxiety?
    Looking for most popular book that works that provides step-by-step lessons. Also, if you overcomed social phobia, please provide some insights.

    Do you know of any clinics for overcoming social phobia?
    I'm looking for a clinic or a group where I can practice public speaking and overcome my social anxiety. Do you know of any clinics or other resources that might help?

    • ANSWER:
      The Social Anxiety Institute in Arizona is the best one.

    Has anyone out there used virtual reality for overcoming social phobia? Was it helpful?
    I'm considering using virtual reality therapy for overcoming my extreme fear of public speaking. If anyone out there has used it please give me some feedback. Also if you have any other tips for overcoming social anxiety disorder let me know. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      It is well documented that virtual reality therapy is beneficial and effective in most cases.

      This type of therapy falls under the wing of cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a proven technique.

      To me, the best methodology would be to enlist the aid of a professional cognitive behavior specialist.

    any POSITIVE stories of overcoming social phobia with lexapro ?

    • ANSWER:
      I've been on Lexapro for months and am STILL waiting for it to kick in...

    How do I make the step to go shopping tomorrow alone - I'm overcoming mild social phobia?
    I really wanna go shopping, it'll be rewarding and i know i'll enjoy it and i will feel like i have accomplished something afterwards but .. i can't make the step. I have to get one bus into town, and then I'll be on my own, with loads of crowds..any tips?
    btw please don't say "friends" because I'd rather go shopping on my own. x

    • ANSWER:
      Just take it a moment at a time, I think that getting yourself out of the house is the biggest hurdle. Once you're out, it's not so bad, pay attention during your ride into town, take your time browsing at the shops, don't buy more than you can carry, and be on your way.

    overcoming social phobia?
    how have people overcome their shyness/social phobia? Trust is a main issue for me. Without trust (in anyone) how do you overcome? What's the first step?

    • ANSWER:
      Self confidence is a component of a social phobia, feeling confident about yourself, lessens the fear of any sort of rejection. Knowing their opinion of you, truthfully has
      no bearing on your self worth.
      Building self confidence is a tuff one as well, pursue
      being the best person you can be and eliminating those
      people who bring you down

      Sometimes if you force yourself to face that fear, even
      just one time, you may find out the worst result is
      still not that bad, and you may find a very good result as well

    Tips on overcoming social phobia?
    I've read that describing a scene or a situation that you really fear on tape, playing the tape, and listening to it, several times in intervals through out a certain time span can help phobic individuals overcome their phobia. Does this apply to social phobia as well? The text that I read also mentioned that this form of treatment was contraindicated with matters involving interpersonal issues. From another book I read a certain psychologist wrote that social phobia effects the self and not others. Is this a valid statement? My anxiety induces fear in others and I have become aware that at times I am aggressive/passive aggressive. Any suggestions on self help books for improving one's people skills?

    • ANSWER:
      Put yourself into social circumstances in limited quantities of time (so you don't become too overwhelmed). For people with anti-social tendencies/ anxiety- it is often a result of low-frustration tolerance.

      The methods you mentioned for overcoming phobias are good, but I really think the best way to overcome it would be to actually put yourself in the situation again and again. I also think it might be good to visualize social circumstances in your head and analyze what it is about those interactions that causes anxiety.

      Figuring out the causes of the anxiety can help you to overcome it. Possibly talk to someone about it, a friend, or a therapist. Outside viewers are often good at helping you recognize factors that you might not realize on your own.

    overcoming social phobia(selective mutism)?
    my friend has a social phobia, hes really shy of varoius people and sweats so easily when spoken to. what can he do to treat this. hes been doctor a few times, but it hasnt helped. so what can he do???

    • ANSWER:
      Those are two different diagnoses; but they can overlap somewhat.

      Your friend can go to a doctor or a counselor. When he went to the doctor, was he compliant with the treatment? If so, he could have asked the doctor to try some other medication; there are many that can help.

    How to overcome social phobia?
    Do anyone in here knows how to overcome a social phobia and also being paranoid? What should do and how often?
    Does taking drugs will going to take effect on that?
    thank you?

    • ANSWER:
      Unless the cause of the phobia is physiological do not take any drugs, it will probably just make you psychologically dependant on that drug.

      I would suggest starting with identifying the cause of the phobia.

    I've been reading alot about overcoming Social Phobia with those positive affirmations and ..?
    cognitive therapy stuff... (if you read anywhere about this you know what i mean!) but my question is this! Does it ever really get CURED? Or do you have to always treat yourself with these affirmations like "I really am lovable. I love myself..." forever and ever?? PLEASE i REALLY need to know! thanks so much to those that leave advice/opinion. Bless you!

    • ANSWER:
      i used to be really afraid to go out and be in social situations. and yes, you do have to tell yourself those things for a little while. but you have to try and push yourself. once you do that, and you realize your doing things that you wouldn't normally do, or actually be excited to go out and do something. you will gain self confidence slowly but surely and you wont need to tell yourself those things.

    Do you know anyone who successfully overcome social phobia?
    i've read alot stories of ppl who have social phobia for 20,30,40 years...and i've NEVER heard of anyone who actually overcome it :S i need to know there are sumone who has done it!!!
    i am a social phobia myself so that would be an inspiring story for me.

    • ANSWER:
      The underlying issue of social phobia is simply, shyness. Some people are born extroverts and some people are by nature itself, born introverts. Being an introvert is no more unacceptable than being an extrovert and in fact you must have one to have the other. We can't all be social butterflies.
      So if you have been shy for a great deal of your life and have been very introverted, you will never be a true extrovert, because it just is not in your nature.
      Having said that you may improve your social skills somewhat as you become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses but this can only be done by interacting with people.
      I know that you have heard it before, and you probably cringe every time you hear it, as I used to, but the only way to counteract the problem is to face your fears and go out there in the world, and interact. If you hide in your shell any longer, the problem will get worse. I am not saying that you should try and become a party animal, just try small baby steps. Try catching a bus during a weekday. Try walking in a crowded shopping center while going through coping strategies in your head. Look at other people (not obviously) and mimic their behaviour, while learning from it.
      The more you come out of your little nest, the more confident you will become.

    quick tips for overcoming social anxiety/social phobia?
    if anyone has any quick tips for overcoming social anxiety/social phobia that DONT include therapists or medication. breathing exercises, etc, other related tips.. would be greatly appreciated!
    ive been dealing with this anxiety for a good year+ now, and im ready to be done with all this! the panic attacks, the fact that it doesnt let me perform normal daily functions/routienes, i cant meet people, i cant talk normally with friends and family even(at times) ANY tips at all would help alot!!

    • ANSWER:
      I think the best way to overcome social anxiety/social phobia is to attack head on. Instead of "running" away from it take small steps toward defeating that phobia.

      For example if you have trouble talking to one person for whatever reason, invite them to a group lunch with another friend. That way you'll have someone else to rely on if the conversation gets too blan or personal.

      A much quicker tip is to visualize yourself defeating the phobia in any way possible. Cracking my knuckles or rubbing my cheeks and/or taking full deep breathes always helps me relax.

    How to overcome social phobia and increase self confidence?
    I am 30 yrs old but encounter problems in facing people.
    My self confidence level is very very low.
    How to increase that, any suggestions/ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      Social anxiety can cause these feelings, which can also lead to severe depression,

      There is hope; I've been there, and still am there, it is a long, hard struggle. I recommend
      Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) worked best for me, with mild anti-anxiety meds. I suffered from social anxiety for over 15 years. I've tried individual therapy, and group therapy and studied psychology for 10 years, as a profession, but also with the hope to cure myself.

      Depending on your comfort level, you could go to a psychologist that practices CBT and specializes in anxiety disorders, seek a group therapy, or create one. Usually those that do attend the group therapy are a bit more high functioning because as you know, it can be difficult to speak in a group.

      Another idea is to see if there are any local research studies being conducted that you could participate in.

      The program that finally worked the best for me is this one: and I was lucky enough to have a structured behavioral group to go along with it. Sometimes the people that actually attend this program come back home and form groups.

      I recommend a mild anti-anxiety med, and a beta-blocker (it will reduce shaking and tremors enormously, but only use in extreme situations) in addition to CBT therapy.

      Any questions, let me know ... I can't tell you how much this has improved my life!

    does anybody have any tips on overcoming social phobia cause i am having a hard time overcoming it.?

    • ANSWER:
      call up and make new phone friends, join societies like this one and strt sharing your thoughts with others

    How can i overcome social phobia nothing realy work with me no medicine or therapy helped me ?

    • ANSWER:
      I would talk to a counselor, go to a doctors first then they will recommend u to one.
      I have a social phobia of answering phone calls, answering the door to people and being in large places.

      Once you begin to see a counselor you will feel better gradually, i never thought it but i do.

      It takes time, and patience, never rush yourself into doing anything you don't want to do.

      Good luck, hope everything works out. xxxxxx

    How can I overcome Social Phobia without medication?
    I really struggle to eat out. Its so bad that I feel sick hours before and during. Therefore I cant enjoy the experience and never eat enough. This then gets me down as I feel I cant do this simple task.

    • ANSWER:
      I feel the same. Try going out with a friend and sit in a place. Let your friend get something but not get anything for yourself. Just sit and watch. When you feel like you are ready get something.

    Overcoming depression / social phobia - certain event in my life caused me to become extremely introverted?
    Something happened in my life, I started spending time alone, behind the computer screen for the majority of my time. Went out occasionally with people that i called 'friends' but it wasn't true friendship. I became more and more introverted. I was like this for a few years. I became more and more socially reserved, found it hard to make conversations. I became depressed, I still am depressed. Recently I found a new group of people that I feel very comfortable with and I can truely call them friends. But i have been left with an inability to socially interact when I am one on one. I am afraid to talk to girls that like me and as a result I have never had a girlfriend. I am afraid of social interaction.

    What I want to ask is what can I do to overcome this social phobia. I am sure that the depression is a result of the social phobia. I am also sure that if the social phobia left, i wouldn't be depressed. The main reason for me being so depressed is that I can't get close emotionally or physically to a girl, I have had many crushes on me but I have done nothing about it because I get uncomfortable. But its not only about girls, I want to be more comfortable when im making conversations with others and not constantly thinking about what to say.

    I constantly think about things in my head in such situations, when im in a big group of people I am normal. I am reluctant to go to a psychiatrist and I havent talked to anyone about it. What can I do to just be socially able to interact with others naturally. What actions should I take?
    Thing is, I used to be more open when I was younger, perhaps cocky. Thats what caused me to be rejected by everyone and fucked me up. I used to be flirtacious and all that stuff but now Im just a pussy. I guess I just need to face the fear.

    • ANSWER:
      I get you, i was like you man. Been there, done that. Felt all that rejection, fear, sadness... You should go to a psychiatrist, it would help you a lot... Believe me. Don't be afraid, you don't need to be alone on this. I got over all of that, you can too ;)

    How did you overcome social phobia?
    (This question doesn't apply to everybody but I don't mind if you answer anyway).

    If you DID have it in the past though, I'd really value your personal story of how you got over the problem. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      actually for me i end up in a "crazy man place" because of accident and they locked me up for 6 days lol..... mind you i was a extreme social phobic ..... i would not even speak to the people ... anyone of them .... but then the second day they had these groups things that i went to because i was forced to go to them or else they would keep me locked up and as i went and expressed my ideas that was haunting me i heard everyone esle feel and simpled with me on these topics and actually heard me speaking (because i think i dont sound coherent sometimes) then i started to met "friends" and talk to them more and more and the environment people like the staff was caring about you and you could talk to them and they had no choice to talk back to you.... then you meet the social worker and they would tell you that you smile alot and that you need attention and when you feel better go out and find that attention from others.... then i met girls who wanted to become nurses and they would look at me and i gather up the nerve knowing that i have nothing esle to hide because of the place i was in and talked to the prettiest one and she simplize with me and i even made her laugh.... wow then i really felt happy and more confident in myself and my social ability and i started to go more and more to the groups and actual interact with the staff with sophistication and coming to them on their level and was accepted and later began to interacted with about anyone and even talk out loud in the morning around meeting time where you set yours goals..... man as soon as i got out i felt like a new person attitude extremely changed ...... acted totally different in 6 days more lively and when i got back to college i was socializing with everyone and including stranger... who i never met and just randomly saying interesting things to people................-----> but now its been about 3 semester and i stopped talking to people and focused more on my development ... like intellect but the fear still their ..... just gotta do that routine again

    How do I overcome social phobia?
    I really want to meet this girl I knew in my former school but am afraid I will behave in a weird way when am around or even embarass her.

    • ANSWER:
      instead of having worry for how you'll behave think it through before you meet her. visualize yourself introducing yourself and holding a conversation she's interested in. practice listening so when she talks your able to give deep thought to what she's saying. allow yourself to be weird. be yourself. sometimes those are the things that make you attractive and different. don't judge yourself for her, allow her to make up her mind.

    How can I overcome social phobia?
    I'm pretty sure I have it. I rarely leave the house, I'm scared of people, my self esteem and confidence are super low, I want to get a job but Im scared of the world. I was never like this. I think it's because of drugs and alcohol. How can I treat this. Help!

    • ANSWER:

    How does one go about overcoming social anxiety disorder/social phobia?
    I was put into homeschooling in 7th grade. By 8th grade I developed social phobia and a fear of people, therefore I didn't ever really leave the house except for dr. appointments or late at night when it was dark. I am 17. I am severely depressed and just feel no support of any kind from my family and do not feel loved and my mother knows this as well as my father however they make no effort at all to help me in any way. I have no friends. And when I say no friends, I mean I literally have 0 friends. Lately I have begun to feel trapped.

    I am crying more and I just feel so unstable. There is a part of me that needs to get out of this house but the other part of me will not allow myself due to fear of social situations and anxiety. What can I do?

    I know that there is no instant solution and I don't know where I should start.. My first thought would be getting out of the house slowly by going outside for at least a couple minutes each day, even if it is to run to the mailbox to get the mail. Or maybe even taking a weekend vacation with my mum and just relaxing?

    Also please only answer if you know what you are talking about, rather it be you have or do suffer from social phobia/social anxiety etc. Or you have been around those who have had this problem or else you will not be helping me.


    • ANSWER:
      I think I can help you. I used to have SA really bad and now I am almost over it 100%. I did some cognitive behavioral therapy on my own and it helped me immensely! It is a 20 step audio/workbook series that a guy named Dr. Richards created. I downloaded the workbook and the audio tapes for free on a website called The series is called 'Overcoming Social Anxiety Step-By-Step'. You are supposed to listen to one tape per week and the doc tells you specifically what you will work on for that week. At first, it was sorta difficult for me, but in time, I got better and less anxious. The first 10 tapes help you to change the negative thinking patterns that are holding you back. The second 10 tapes focuses more on implementing what you've learned into the real world. The doc knows what he is talking about, because he had social anxiety for 20 years! You CAN beat this, but you have to be persistant! Sometimes you will feel like giving up, because you feel hopeless, but please never give up. You are only 17 and you have your whole life ahead of you! I wish I would have found out about this series when I was your age. You don't want to look back at your life and wish that you had tried harder to help yourself. I know you probably don't feel like this now, but you are worth it. Getting help for yourself is the best thing you can do for you right now. Remember this always and to never give up! Good luck to you and you can contact me if you have anymore questions.

    Trying not to lose friends and overcome social phobia?
    I was bullied basically all freshman year for how I look and ended up basically having a pretty bad case of social phobia.. thinking everybody is watching me, staying in the house all day and every day to avoid being in public and suddenly becoming like a quiet mouse when I'm in a group with my friends, etc.

    I have confidence issues and all that, too. Sometimes I feel like if I looked better I'd be more outgoing and less nervous about being in public. I know that probably isn't true though.. but still..

    The thing is.. I really do care about my friends. I don't want them to think that I hate them or anything like that because obviously I don't. It's so hard to bring myself to the point of hanging out with them though.. mostly because it's usually a group of 4 or 5 people and i just want to escape from that. i get nervous that anything i say will be stupid.
    I want to stop this, though. I found a counselor that I really like that I think may be able to help me with this and my depression and grieving for my dad. Basically, I have alot of things going on but I truly want to overcome this and just be with my friends like a normal teenager again.
    I haven't really hung out with my friends since 4th of July. This whole summer I've maybe hung out with them 3 days..? All spaced apart by a few weeks.
    I'm sort of surprised that my friends still consider me to be a friend.. I feel horrible and I know I wouldn't want someone to avoid hanging out with me or anything..

    And when we do hang out they ask me what I've been up to since I haven't seen them in awhile.. so I just say I'm busy with something like volunteering or cheer (the only place I don't feel insecure).

    My friend's birthday is tomorrow. I'm trying to be determined and not let my fears take over enough to miss her special day. It'll be hard, though.

    If I told my friends, do you think they'd understand? We've all known eachother for basically a couple years, but we've been drifting apart a little bit. We still text but I haven't had a long phone conversation with any of them since maybe January..

    I'm sorry if this question seems kind of confusing though.
    I'm going to my counselor later today but I'm not sure where to even begin with talking about this.

    If you want any details then just ask. Thanks for helping.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, first and for most this isn't unusual so don't feel like your a freak or outsider because you have this. Also, I think your best advise is to be honest with your friends. If you can, I would tell them. If you trust them that is. They will have a better understanding of why you are how you are. Another thing is try to go out a little bit more. Hang out with your friends little by little and get back into the scene of life... but don't rush because these things take a lot of time. Spend maybe a few minutes next hours and etc... but don't force yourself to do it for too long. I have stage-freight and some social anxiety and I know exactlly how you feel. It really sucks because you feel you have no control over your life, but understand that you can do it. Don't avoid your problem it will make it worse, and pretty soon you won't be able to get out of the position that you are in. I hope your counseling goes well. I did that and I think it helped out a lot. They are very smart and very nice.
      Good Luck and I hope all goes well!!!:)

    How do you overcome social phobia?
    something iv been struggling with my whole life and now that im starting college i really want to change

    • ANSWER:
      I think the best way is to get to know more people outside your college, at first you will find it difficult and believe me you will make a lot of stupid things, but you will learn from it, and will improve your social skills, and remember that every journey starts with one step, so don't be a afraid to take this step ,hope I was much help for you , and hope you succeed in college and your life, best regard from me KQ ^_*.

    how to overcome social phobia?
    i have a fear of people, i cant even hang out with friends. i get nervous, sweaty palms.. it just feels like no one will be interisted in what i say, it has already started to efect my life, i so badly want to meet new people but just cant.. is there a way to overcome social phobia without medication?

    • ANSWER:
      What you described sounds like social anxiety disorder. There is medication available for this, however you should try to surpass your disorder without them. Push yourself to interact with others and show yourself it really isn't that bad.

      Talking to a therapist will help you better understand and diagnose your problem. Don't forget to exercise often and eat healthy!

    Is it possible to overcome social phobia WITHOUT medication?

    • ANSWER:
      Well you just took the 1st step.

    How can I overcome extreme shyness/social phobia?
    I'm a 25 year old female and I've been shy all my life. When I'm in a big group, I get terrified, and when I meet someone new, I tense up and seem cold. I've also been experiencing social phobia where I'm scared to go to public places. I thought about going to a psychiatrist but I don't have health insurance right now so I can't afford it. What are some ways I can overcome this before I start college again in a few days?

    • ANSWER:
      Most of us don't realize how common social anxiety disorder is. In reality, social anxiety is the third most common mental health illness in America.

      People inflicted with social anxiety experience the following feelings in public:

      •Fear of being criticized
      •Judgment – from friends and strangers
      •Feeling of being watched
      •Fear of making a mistake
      •Humiliation and fear of embarrassment
      •Feeling that they are letting others down

      This type of fear may escalate into a panic attack. The anxiety may distract people in social situations, impeding them from putting the effort needed into regular interaction.

      I think if we all understood more about this extremely common disorder, people with social anxiety would not feel so ridiculed and stigmatized.

      I've recently published a page on the psychology of social anxiety and how to deal with it. Feel free to check it out for even more information.

    How do I overcome my social phobia?
    I'm only 18 yet I barely have a social life. I'm so focused on being embarrassed and being talked about that I don't go to parties at all. I hate being in places that were I don't know anyone and it's aggravating because I want to come out of my shell, but it's hard. Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome this?

    • ANSWER:
      A good psychologist can help you. Here's a great website with lots of information on the subject. Best of luck!

    how can i overcome social phobia nothing realy work with me no medicine or therapy helped me ?

    • ANSWER:
      do meditation start from 5 min .

    How do i overcome social phobia? Axiety?
    I can't go to the store or around alot of crowds without getting nervous,dizzy,lightheaded.
    I'm extremelty shy i cant talk to much people without thinking they will judge me. how do i overcome this? I've had it most of my childhood I'm 17.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know if you have many friends, but maybe try to get involved with other kids with similar interests. If you like books, join a book club. The more involved you are with a specific task the less time you have to think about yourself.

      One thing you have to realize is that everyone is too busy looking at themselves to worry about what you are doing. Its really easy to think too much. I'm sure that you're a great person and just need to build up some confidence!

    What are some ways to overcome extreme social phobia?
    I am so self conscious, agitated and nervous, even though I take meds. I cannot work as nobody will employ me and nobody wants to marry me or have me as a girlfriend because of this. I am 30 years old and in extreme financial crisis because of it. It is not enough to get me disability either. What can I do? I don't want to see a professional as they do not understand. I see a doctor only and he understands. What can I do? I have very few friends as nobody understands.
    Drinking makes it worse and especially makes the phobia worse. Because people laugh and makes me worse
    Electric shock treatment is inhumane and barbaric

    • ANSWER:
      i think, its agoraphobia and i know, it leads to anxiety attacks. i start feeling dizzy in a situation, when i enter a mall, cinema, office with too many people. there are ways out to handle these kind of situations. take medication, as per psychatrist, however , you can gain confidence by exercising yoga, meditation and work out. make some friends , out there and start slowly communicating and moving out with your friends. you will face problems initially but human brains start adapting to situations slowly and steadily, this will take time and you need to have lots of patience to gain confidence and overcome anxiety and social phobia.
      wish you all the best, god bless

    How can i overcome social phobia?

    • ANSWER:
      Do what I did just a few hours ago. - Try to follow, what I call, your spirit guide. Think of your spirit guide as a voice in your head that tells you what to do in order to be your ideal self. Your ideal you. Don't put on an act; that can't work (and what's the point? If someone likes or loves a you that you're pretending to be, they don't really like or love the you that you truly are, therefore they don't like or love you.) Really try to tune in to that one voice. What is it telling you to do? REALLY THINK ABOUT YOUR IDEAL SELF and keep it ALWAYS IN MIND. Don't listen to voices that belittle you or give you some false bull about what you can't do. Don't be fooled by voices that misguide you, away from your true ideal. Once you have done all this, stop thinking; just give yourself over to your spirit guide. It will be as if you don't have to make decisions, you don't have to think. Overthinking is the problem for people like us. All you have to do is trust, obey, and stay in touch with, your guide. In this way you can sort of relieve yourself of some of the responsibility and pressure of having to make all the decisions. - I've been trying for weeks to speak up to a certain person. I did it today. I was really fighting my urge to cut and run, feeling afraid of feeling like a fool, or worse, acting like a fool, feeling afraid of rejection, feeling mad at myself, ashamed of my lack of guts. I came within 2 steps of getting on the bus and missing another opportunity, but I turned around, because I knew that the brooding misery I was suffering was worse than the embarrasment I would suffer if I followed my heart and got it bruised. I knew that even if it turned out mortifyingly horrible I would feel proud that I overcame my fear and it would be a step in the right direction toward having power over my fear and becoming more like my ideal self. As it turns out, I was afraid for no good reason (as is so often the case). We had a nice conversation, and I am feeling quite good.

    What is the best cure to overcome a social phobia ?
    I mean whenever I try to speak out my thoughts especially in the classroom, I feel embarassed.

    • ANSWER:
      Just know that all opinions are relevant and if you keep on believing that your input is worthless then they are. Believe in yourself with a strong conviction, give the same respect to others and eventually the people around you will believe in you too.
      We are also sometimes ourselves victims of the negative thoughts we harbour about others, because automatically / subconsciously we think people are saying the same things about us. Think positive ant try to see the beauty in others, give it, tell it and the same will come back to you.

    How to overcome Social Phobia and Bipolar Disorder?
    I met this friend online that has Social Phobia and Bipolar Disorder. He can't go outside because he's so scared and so he's not going to school or even being homeschooled.
    He also has a bipolar disorder that made him suicidal but he's not anymore.

    I was wondering if there's anything i can do to help him with overcoming the social phobia and bipolar disorder. I so want to help him but I don't know where/how to start.

    Thanks =]
    Thanks to all the advice so far.
    He's not homeschooled because his mom also has a bipolar disorder x_x;
    And his dad is working and all

    • ANSWER:
      has he tried asking about day treatment programs
      at a hospital ?
      i have almost the same problem, like major depression
      and extreme social phobia wher i cant go to school
      either .. but i was speaking to my therapist today and
      she enrolled me in a hospital day program which is from
      9am-4pm and half the day is school work, while the other
      half is therapy group and individual .. and thers only
      a maximum of 10 ppl in the program .. so it would help
      him in many different aspects .. he wouldnt be around too
      many ppl, but still around some .. while in the presence of
      therapists and he would earn credits towards graduating ..
      the only problem is i live in canada and we have free health
      care .. so the program is free here .. im assuming he lives
      in the states .. so yeah .. it would probally be expensive ..
      so if he cant afford it, then perhaps he should take a look
      at online courses as well as alternative schools
      .. why cant he be homeschooled ? is he also afraid of
      the actual work .. and like being judged based on grades
      because many social anxious ppl are also scared stiff of
      yeah .. like being evaluated
      wow .. i really hopes he finds something that will work
      because it would be so sad for him to have to not graduate
      because of his personal issues .. its really not worth it

      well, i wish him the best =] make sure you get on his back
      about this stuff .. like jus nag him until he's like fuk it ..
      and does his schoolwork lol =p

    How do i overcome social phobia?

    • ANSWER:

    how can someone overcome social phobia or agoraphobia once and forever ?

    • ANSWER:
      Agree with Charles, take little steps.

      Most importantly realize that you create your fears, those fantasies, ghosts and negative thoughts that stop you from living your life. They're just illusions, so break the illusion.

    some one know any organization that helps in overcoming shyness and social phobia in pakistan karachi? plz let?

    • ANSWER:
      Any counselor, psychologist, or social worker would be capable of helping you. There are also places online for free. Search for free therapy services.

    Is there a way to overcome a social phobia, where I get nervous around other people..even one on one?
    I actually have a very social job and lifestyle, but am nervous inside. Any advise?

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing to do is to find your own really confident state and then set it up so that you can reaccess the state during social situations. The subject of NLP can provide you with lots of exercises to help with your problem.

      There is a source of such an exercise (known as anchoring) on the website listed.

      Good Luck.

    How do I overcome my shyness and social phobia?
    I am 25 years old and I have been dealing with shyness and social phobia almost all my life. I am still a college student and it's hard for me to talk to people. Some people have said I have this "stank" expression on my face, like I'm always mad. This offended me. how do i overcome this?

    • ANSWER:

    A way to overcome Social Phobia?
    I do have it, it's not really severe i mean i can walk into walmart (or any store) and can't help feeling like everybody is looking at me.

    A way to fix this?

    • ANSWER:
      Wear some thing that you think you look good in or wear makeup if you are a girl. Doing something like that will boost your confidence. Also, keep this in mind: it doesnt matter what other people think. it doesnt change who you are. Appreciate yourself. OR just simply pretend all those people are just random things that make you laugh or something. Theres a lot of ways to keep yourself from feeling that way. You can learn to ignore or walk with someone so you're talking to them which can divert your attention from feeling that way.

    what are the solutions to overcome social phobia?

    • ANSWER:
      I have that as well...I just try to bring a loved one with me (usually hubby) when I have to enter a social situation...that way I can look to him for support...and I can give him a little nod and he knows it's time to go

    how can you overcome social anxiety disorder or social phobia?
    i think im having that problem it started about a year ago! when i turned 17! u think it will go away at some point?
    i can't even go to church i get so nervous and my hands get cold and sweety and most of the time when im in front of people my heads shakes is like a energy rush through my neck !!

    • ANSWER:
      If you really think that your social anxiety/ social phobia is going to control your life, you need to seek help. I am 24 and I have had it since I was in middle school and it has taken over my life. Its hard for me to get a job, go to school, and make friends. I tried "faking it"...for some people, it just doesn't work. Social anxiety can affect a person mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you think you can handle "faking it", then do so. If you can't, then find someone that can help you before you end up like me.

    How do i overcome my social phobia?

    In places where there are many people, i always feel like they are watching my every move and that they will later criticized and laugh at me
    In places where there are many people, i always feel like those people are watching my every move and that they will later criticized and laugh at me
    In places where there are many people, i always feel like those people are watching my every move and that they will later criticized and laugh at me
    at one time, it got so bad that i feel like i was going crazy

    • ANSWER:
      Gradually do one new thing

      per week until you feel comfortable.

      Best Wishes.

      Mars Mission. (Earth).

      14th Year Psychology / Counselling Student.

      4th Year Hypnotism Student.

      32 Years Qualified Automotive Technician.

      Part Time Human Being.

    How can I overcome my social phobia?

    • ANSWER:
      Follow Indian Great masters.

    How can I overcome a social phobia?
    its getting to the point where i don't even want to leave the house anymore. :( i'm really tired of this. help me please

    • ANSWER:
      you should go see a phsyciatrist...its only going to get worst...its anxiety.

    Please help? How can a teen overcome Social Phobia?
    All through gradeschool I was bullied. From 1st grade to 8th grade, I had to deal with bullies (both girls and boys). Now, as a senior in high school, I'm afraid to socialize because I fear judgement. I'm in a volunteer program at the zoo, and occasionally, they do "ice-breakers" or social games, and I feel embarassed and stupid when I'm forced to do them. I'm an only child, so I didn't have siblings to get me used to bully-type actions. I've never dated or had a boyfriend, but there was a guy I talked to (barely) that wanted to date, but I lost contact because I was feeling pressure from piers. I've been involved in Schutzhund lately, and my cobfidence is a little better. I notice the social phobia most when it cones down to guys. How can I overcome it? How can I get noticed? How do I meet a cowboy? (yes, I have a serious soft spot for cowboys)

    • ANSWER:
      I used to feel like that honey and I know it sucks. My best advice would be to buy some clothes that help you feel good about yourself, look in the mirror, and see how beautiful you are. Its about telling yourself that you mean something and that you are of benefit to the world. Once you have the comfort within yourself, other people will see it too. Try not to focus on what others fell about you, but what you feel about yourself. It automatically attracts the opposite sex when you have that confidence. Put aside a day to just do something that YOU love no matter what others say, or who sees that you are doing it. It shows that you care about yourself. The main reason why they got on your ass before was because they saw that they could get to you, and that they could see that they hurt you. For you to have gone through it and still seem like a nice girl, that means that you are strong enough to eventually build that self respect to not have it effect you anymore. It sucks and takes a while, but with inner strength in the end it will all work out beautifully.

    How can i overcome a mild social phobia and be more outgoing and entertianing?

    • ANSWER:
      If this is really who you want to be then work on your self esteem. Believe that you can be the person that people want to hang with! You deserve social recognition and here is how you do it. Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you deserve some popularity. You don't have to be flamboyant to invite people over for a good movie or go out to eat. Start modestly so that you are not overwhelmed but stay in places and situations that you will be most comfortable. Don't make it a big deal in your head and the rest will fall into place. Now go make some calls and share a gift or talent...or just be a friend to the right person. Good luck to you!

    How can one overcome his social phobia?

    • ANSWER:
      One method recommended professionally is to "act" as if shyness/uneasiness does not exist.

      It is an adjunct to gradual [approximation] exposure to the fear.

      Your goal is to realize that the fear[s] are far worse than the actuality.

      Simple exercises may be a singular interchange with someone in a supermarket, library, laundry mat, etc.

      One sentence/One conversation - you decide where to begin and for how long.
      Increase the amount of activity and gradually you'll find your comfort level.

      This is the Best Answer I can offer.

    How can I help my friend overcome her social phobia?

    • ANSWER:
      Assist her. Thats really you can do.

    What can I to overcome my social phobia?
    I get along pretty well with my friends. However I feel uncomfortable around people. I do not have anything interesting to talk about or I think what I say is stupid. When I was a child I was shy but it got worse. I would like to now if there is something in my brain (organic) that makes me behave this way. I also would like to know which medicines I can take to diminish my symptoms. I feel very uncomfortable when I have to do a presentation to a crowd of people. Your advice will be useful since I am starting a new job!.

    • ANSWER:
      My husband is this way. He avoids our family holiday partys and panics when forced to meet new people. The doctor has prescribed Paxil CR and that seems to help some, but also recommends going to a psychiatrist to get to the root of the problem. If you smoked "funny cigs" often in your past could be part of the problem. No joke, doc said so. Talk to your doctor about getting on meds. Remember too: Everyone gets nervous meeting new people. You are just as good as them.
      Good Luck

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